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EVERLAST Indestructible Signs   >   Transmission Tech 3D Deep Embossed Signs, Numbers & Letters 3" & 6" aerial markers
Aluminum & Stainless Steel Danger & Caution Signs

TECH-3D Embossed Danger, Warning and Caution Signs
TECH-3D Embossed Danger, Warning and Caution Signs comply with OSHA & ANSI regulations for potential hazards. They remain legible for the life of your product. The 3-dimensional legibility is unaffected by dirt, oil, grease ... or even over-painting.

Note1: For harsh outdoor environments and lifetime color and legibility see our EVERLAST indestructible, injection-molded signs on the following pages.

Note 2: For areas where long term legibility is not a prime consideration, we also offer Accident Prevention Signs in screen printer flat metal, Lexan, Mylar, Vinyl, or foil.

Numbers & Letters Horizontally or Vertically Mounted
Embossed … Metal Numbers & Letters Deep embossed, black characters on yellow aluminum. The highly raised characters are ideal for underground applications where silt, oil, or dirty may cover the markers. Can be used for both Horizontal or Vertical mounting.

Aluminum … Channel Holders
Hold 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 of our 3” tall characters. Excellent for long lasting, quick change signs… especially in outdoor environments. Holders can be attached using nails, bolts, rivets, magnets or metal banding.

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