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EVERLAST � 6� Number & Letter � Tower Markers

Our aerial observation tags and markers are superior to everything on the market bot for their long lasting, high visibility and low cost to maintain. The EVERLAST system is designed and proved to last in the harshest environmental conditions and the transmission tower has to be among the worst of these conditions. The manpower and time lost replace fasing markers and tags is huge. Do not put up unproven tags that will fade in 10 or 20 years. Use EVERLAST and never worry about your transmission tower tags again.


EVERLAST� Crossing Signs

10x14� EVERLAST Crossing Signs signal trouble areas. UL tested to last over 30 years. Will never chip, tear, corrode or delaminate. Thick ¼ï¿½ construction�Won�t bend in the wind.


Withstands saltwater, acid rain, chemicals, alkalies and acid dolustions. Withstands temperatures from -40 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. UV stabilizers are �molded-in� throughout the thickness of the sign. EVERLAST when you absolutely, positively need a sign that you will never have to replace!

6" Numbers & Letters
Vault Markers

EVERLAST� Vault Markers

EVERLAST � Underground Vault Markers are a combination of �2-inch� and �3-inch� EVERLAST numbers and letters � Inserted into a 3 inch Poly Tagholder Cross. A 3/8� diameter hole is used to attach the marker. These markers are UL tested to remain legible for at least 30 years.

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